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About our site.

We set up our first site in 1998 and it was upgraded in 2000 by Janet and her work colleague Les. In 2004  a new version was  designed by Sarah, which included some  fun and inter-activity and some of the pages include Java applets and script so please ensure that you have Java enabled to get the best out of it. It is best viewed at a resolution of 1024x768 but works quite nicely at 800x600.

Things do go round in circles and care of the web-site is now back once again with Janet. We plan to  keep the site updated regularly, so do pop by to see what has changed. Obviously some pages will change more often than others. The We Need a Home  and Events Pages, will probably be updated more often than others.

If you have a specific query about our work, please email us at, or if you have a comment or question specifically about our site please email

Should you contact the branch, please mention that you saw our website.

With special thanks to Talor in San Fransisco, whose critical eye, guidance and patience helped Sarah through various problems when the java script wouldn't work, has made this site much prettier than it might otherwise have been.

Big thanks also to Mike at Bramernic Consulting for time he has spent helping to rescue us on various occasions. Thanks Mike!


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