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My name is Bradley and I was named after Brad Pitt - I bet you can see why! My Mum says I'm the most handsome boy around (although Toby seems to think she says the same to him - fool!)

I was wandering the streets and had been in a fight. My eye had become badly infected but no one took me to the vet for ages - it was very painful. A nice lady picked me up and took me there but the vet said it was too late and I would have to lose it.

When I first came to my home here with Toby and Tabatha I used to bump into things sometimes but I know where things are now. Sometimes Tabatha sneaks up on my blind side and jumps on me (I think she fancies me - what moggette could resist?) but I'm learning not to take my eye off her now - she plays rough!

I've only been here a few months but I have a permenant spot on the bed now - no one dares to steal it and my Mum says I'm a big softy who she'd never be without.



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