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Cleo was found in 1988 on a new housing estate. She has been living rough in a garden for 6 months sheltering in the old rabbit hutch. The telephone call we received described her as being 'white with patches of ginger and black and not very approachable.

We went round and bending down and calling her to us, she came straight away. The people who had been feeding her couldn't believe it - I think they were just frightened of her, not being cat people themselves.

After check up at the vets, she turned out to be a pure white cat - the 'ginger' was builders sand and the 'black' tar. Cleo as we called her, was about 6 -8 years old and half her tongue was paralysed so she may have bad a stroke at some time the vet thought.

Not having a very good temperament Cleo was with us for 5 months and in this time she did have a small 'fit' but otherwise she was OK.

A very kind lady adopted her, and she spent the rest of her life, about 4 years, in a very happy and loving environment.

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