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                                     FOUND A CAT?

Please note that  a cat is not deemed  to be a 'stray' or abandoned until it has been around for 14 days and
'reasonable' attempts to find the  owner have been made.

Things to do if you have found a cat:

If the cat seems ill or injured,  you need to phone the RSPCA's National Helpline on 0300 1234999, who may be able to offer some veterinary assistance.

If the cat seems  to be in good condition it possibly lives nearby and will find its way home that day or soon after. If the cat  has been around over 24 hours and seems hungry we do advise, if you are willing, to give it some cat food to eat. This can be away from your immediate property if you do not want the cat  to make itself too at home.

Providing the cat is friendly, you can take it to a local vets to be checked for a microchip. If the cat is microchipped the vet will endeavour to contact the owner. If not, the vet probably won't be able to take the cat in but do ask for their opinion as to the age and sex of the cat and if it is neutered.

Providing the cat is friendly you can put a paper collar on the cat with the message  'Does this cat belong to you?' and put possibly your mobile phone number.  (You can easily cut a strip from a piece of plain paper and use sellotape to join around the cat's neck). If you have had no response in 5 to 7 days it can be assumed that the cat isn't returning home.

If possible put up posters and a card in your local shop with a description and photo of the cat (try and hold back or disguise a feature only an owner would know).

Ask your neighbours if they know of the cat.

Phone our Catline 01268 285778 and we will take details of the cat for our Lost & Found register and give further advice.
You can also send us a picture and short write-up  about the cat including where and when found and we will post it here for you  for a minimum of 8 weeks. Please send your photo and details to us at bascp@yahoo.co.uk.   Please include a contact telephone number, date and location (incl post code) of where the cat was found. We will let you know when your details have been added to this page.  If the cat has been reunited with its owner  in the meantime, please let us know, so that we can take your information off of the page.

Please note, we accept no responsibilty for finding the owner of the cat or  for any subsequent contacts from anyone.

If the owner has still not been found after the 14 day period,  you can phone our Catline again,  referring to the date of your previous contact and we can give further advice regarding rehoming, give other contact numbers or take details for our Waiting List.

Additionally, Cats Protection is now working with Animal Search UK to reunite more cats and owners.
If you have  found a cat, click the logo here animalsearch to register  it  as a found cat


Tabby  adult male cat, unneutered and not microchipped or wearing a collar. Very friendly cat, so someone must be missing him.  If this is your cat, please tel 01268 273210

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