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My name is Geraldine and when this photo was taken I was about 18 months old.

I was severely traumatised when I came into the care of the Basildon & District Branch in February 2000. Someone had sealed me in a box, along with my four month old kitten and left us in a busy car park. Fortunately someone found us and took us to the branch.

My kitten, Gabie, was OK and soon found a new home, but it was ages before I would let anyone near me (I think my foster dad still has the scars). After lots of TLC, my foster mum and dad could pick me up for cuddles. In fact, I learnt to love sitting on their laps, but they knew when I started to wag my tail that I'd had enough and they would leave me alone.

It took quite a while to find me a home as I needed a home with someone who understands cats and would be patient with me. I even bit one lady who came to see me, which did not go down very well! I stayed with the Basildon & District Branch for several months, but then along came my new mum, and I am now really settled into my new home.

Thanks for reading my story.


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