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Mitzi came into our care in Spring 2004 with her kittens and two other cats from the same household. They all had cat flu and diarrhoea, and unfortunately, despite the best efforts of our vets and fosterers, some didn't make it.

Mitzi had diarrhoea for the best part of two months and had just about every test known to veterinary science in that time but all drew a blank. It was a mystery. Finally, since she had come into season just to add to her woes, she was spayed and started on another course of antibiotics. This seemed to do the trick and Mitzi was finally healthy... for a little while. She still suffers the occasional bout and has just recovered from a fever but she remains as always, a real little fighter!

The minute I saw Mitzi I fell for her - although she was ill she was a real livewire, full of beans and with great big mischievous eyes. Although she was very thin she always found the energy to run aorund like a mad thing knocking everything in her path flying. Once it was established that whatever Mitzi's problem was it wasn't infectious, she moved from my fostering room to my home to be with me and the rest of the clan (Toby, Tabatha and Bradley). She soon had them all running for their lives (or maybe just their sanity) as she chased them all over the house. She was such a tiny little thing and it was funny to see three fully grown cats, each at least three times her weight, fleeing with a little black and white streak running close at their heels.

So far, Mitzi has torn a curtain, smashed two glasses and a plate and destroyed a carpet by tipping first coffee and then an ashtray onto the wet patch. She's cost the branch a small fortune in vets bills and given us all a lot of grey hairs. But I wouldn't have her any other way - she makes me smile and laugh out loud and that alone is priceless....

I've now officially adopted Mitzi and she's very happy as the fourth (and last!) member of the fourlegged family.

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