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My name is Polly and Iím 2 years old, I was abandoned in festival leisure park in Basildon when I was around 18 months, luckily I was found and taken to the Cats Protection.

I was given many new adoptive homes but was always sent back because of my aggressive behavior. I donít like being trapped in corners of a room and it made me angry and swipe out even bite, I was very nervous of humans they just couldnít understand me and I hated being picked up and restrained I would always struggle to get away.

But thanks to the care of my new family I have learnt to not be so frightened of humans and I even enjoy a big cuddle but on my terms, Iím even allowed to sleep on the bottom of my mum and dadís bed which I have made my own.

I was taught how to use a cat flap but much prefer people opening the door for me(makes me feel superiorÖ), I will only push the cat flap myself if I have too.

They know not to come near me if Iím near a closed space, as I still get a little frightened. But thanks to all their help I get on well with humans now Iím the friendly cat that I new I always could be thanks to the love and affection of my new family!

Thank you for reading my story

Love Polly x x x

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