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Sasha came into our care in August 2004 with her friend Smudge.

This was Sasha on her first day in care with the branch and as you can see she was a sad looking little thing with an almost apologetic attitude. Even though barely more than a kitten herself she had had kittens prior to coming in, she was underweight, stressed and infested with fleas - in fact I can honestly say, I have never seen so many fleas on one cat.

Her first days were traumatic, she was fleasprayed, wormed and spayed and had to be put on antibiotics for a raised temperature. In a matter of hours, as the fleas met with their demise, Sasha began to feel more comfortable and her sweet nature began to shine through. As I sat there with her, gradually she gained the confidence to climb up on my lap where she would curl up and purr for hours on end.

As the days went by Sasha changed from the poorly little thing she was, one who would do her best to occupy as small a space as possible so as not to be noticed, to a wonderfully gentle little cat with a lot of love to give. The picture below was taken just 10 days later - it's amazing what a good groom, and a lot of TLC can do!

Sasha writes:

Hello, my name is Sasha, I am a beautiful ginger girl.

I now live with my new Mum called Jean and my new playmate called Jasper. I was so skinny and underfed when I arrived at CP, but now I have nice food and lots of treats, as much as I can eat, I am putting on weight, but not as fat as Jasper, yet!!!!!!

At first I was very frightened and used to hide from everyone who came to visit, and at every little noise...... but not anymore!!!!!!!! I have so much fun playing with Jasper, we play lots of games, like chase and hide and seek, all over Mum's home, she doesn't mind, just laughs and joins in our chases.

Sometimes we all sleep together in Mum's big bed, she looks so tired in the mornings though, perhaps it's cos me and Jasper like to get up in the night for our nibbles, jumping on and off the bed wakes her up, and we like to snuggle back close to her, one on each side, just heaven....I just love my new Family so much.

My past life I have now forgotten, and I am so Happy every day living with Mum and Jasper.

love from Sasha XXX

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