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Hello Friends

My name is Sox and I would like to tell you my story.

I was a stray living in Stanford-le-Hope, Essex. I looked after myself as best I could, but was lucky I found some humans who fed me. I used to come and go but life was hard, and the nights were cold.

One day I had something someone said was a fight, it wasnít my fault, the trouble was the humans said, I wasnít neutered. However my eye was badly injured and I was in a lot of pain. After hiding away for a few days, I decided to go and see my humans, perhaps they would help me. They were very upset when they saw me and I was taken to see a nice lady, I think they called her a vet. She stuck two needles in me, but they made me feel better and I was given a cosy bed.

Next day they made me go to sleep, while they had a look at my eye, and they said I had been neutered Ė donít know what that means but who cares! I stayed in my cosy bed for what was I think a day or two and they puts drops in my eye, but I donít think it worked because they made me go to sleep again, and when I woke up my eye had gone! In my cosy bed I stayed. I was fed and they all made a fuss of me, which I love. I even went upstairs to the ladyís flat and had a sleep on her settee.

I think a few more days must have gone by, then they took my stitches out, didnít hurt. Then the best thing of all happened to me. One of the humans took me to her house. I have now got everything I ever dreamed of Ė a home, every comfort, nothing but the best for me. The humanís name is Gwen and she is now my human! I am a little black and white cat with one eye, but I am full of love. I will give it all to Gwen and I know she has fallen in love with me

None of this would have been possible without Cats Protection, Basildon & District Branch, my human tells me. They paid for all my treatment. What wonderful people you must be. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and will never forget what you have done for me. Because of you I now have what every cat wants Ė a home.

Love to you all

From Sox

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