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Our Sponsor Cats

As you are probably aware, it is not Cats Protection policy to home any cat that is not in tip-top condition. From time to time, cats or kittens come into our branch who are not suitable for re-homing either because of their temperament or because they have ongoing medical problems. These cats stay with our branch and are looked after by branch members, living with them and their own cats. Many have foster "brothers and sisters". We currently have a number of featured long stay cats in our branch. We call them our Sponsor Cats and we have a special fund (The Sponsor Cat Fund) to pay for their Vet Bills.

If you are unable to have a cat of your own or would like to help a particular cat with your donation then why not sponsor one of our Sponsor Cats. It costs just £12 (minimum donation) per year and your chosen sponsor cat will send you a quarterly update and picture (by email only if overseas) to keep you up to date with how they are getting along.

Sponsoring a cat also makes an ideal present for someone who is, for whatever reason, unable to own a cat of their own.

Your donation will help us to ensure that we are able to give these cats the best of everything and as normal a life as possible whilst they are with us.

If you would like to sponsor one (or more) of our cats, please complete the form by clicking on the "Sponsor Me!" button for your chosen cat. You can add additional cats on the next screen. Payment may be made by Paypal or for the UK only, a cheque sent to the address given.



I was picked up as a stray kitten in May 2009, when I was about 5 months old. I was taken to the vets to be “neutered” and vaccinated. When they examined me they found that I have a serious heart murmur – apparently it is one of the most serious, something called category 4 to 6, whatever that means.  I had my “op” and came through it OK and had my jabs like a good boy too. I am staying with the branch as I need regular check ups at the vet to monitor my condition



I was born in the care of the branch on 19 April 2008 (so now you know my birthday, LOL).  I had breathing problems from an early age and the vet suspects I have nodules in my throat so advised that I should not be rehomed as I will have recurring breathing problems throughout my life. My sister Mia was also not born quite right too so we both stayed with our CP foster mum so that we would get all the vet treatments we  needed. Sadly Mia's problems were greater than mine and she died a couple of years ago. I still miss her but I do have my foster brothers and sisters (furry ones) to keep me company and to play with.



I came to Cats Protection after I was found on a doorstep  giving birth to my kitten.  He was rehomed when  he was old enough. Sadly I have  a recurring respiratory problem which has to be monitored and regularly treated, so I am not able to go to a permanent home. Instead I am staying with one of the branch's  fosterers.




Stevie was taken into the care of our branch in July 2015 as an 8 week old kitten and it soon become apparent that he was not developing as expected.

After numerous tests it was discovered that he had, amongst other things, a severe liver infection that is temporarily stabilised with antibiotics and steroids, and then he gains weight. However a sudden weight loss means the infection is back  again and he yo-yo's back and forth on a regular basis,s so he is staying with one of the branch fosterers


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