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Toby & Tabatha


We are Toby and Tabatha and we are brother and sister. We were living wild on a caravan site with our Mum and another brother when someone moved in with a big dog. Our Mum and brother disappeared and left us there on our own. We used to get fed sometimes but it was hard getting a decent meal until Brenda came along one day.

We were sun-bathing on some steps when she arrived and she tricked us into getting into a basket thing then took as back to something called "her house". We didn't like it there much at the time, there were scarey noises and smells and we tried to make ourselves so small she wouldn't notice us - but she always did. She kept trying to stroke us YUK!

One day someone else came to see us and the two of them tried to push things called "worm tablets" down our throats and sprayed funny smelling stuff all over us which they said would sort out "our little friends". We didn't like that at all and we hissed and spat, besides, we liked our "little friends" so we relieved them of copious amounts of skin for their troubles.

The other lady took us back to her house and we didn't like that either. We lived under a chair for nearly 3 months while she "socialised" us, whatever that means..... after a while, we decided that she wasn't so bad really, she fed us, played with us and she hadn't sprayed us with anything in ages (she valued her skin).

A few people came to see us but we hid from them and our new Mum said that we would never get a new home if we didn't behave. Well we didn't want a new home so we continued to hide and eventually she said that she couldn't be without us now and we could stay - as if that was ever in any doubt!

We've been here two and a half years now and we are very happy. We still don't really like anyone except our Mum but we do suffer Bradley, when we have to.

Thank you for reading our story!

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